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U.S. universities are being called upon to supply the next generation of engineers who will be knowledgeable in developing and commercializing advanced automotive technologies. However, most universities are not able to offer students the required multi-disciplinary instructional programs focused on cutting-edge automotive technologies. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) established the Graduate Automotive Technology Education (GATE) Program to provide a new generation of engineers and scientists with knowledge and skills in advanced automotive technologies. Ten GATE Centers were established at nine universities. Five key technology areas were identified for the GATE Program: fuel cells, hybrid electric vehicle drivetrains and control systems, lightweight materials, direct-injection engines, and advanced energy storage. Each GATE Center received funding from DOE for student fellowships and curriculum development.

The UC Davis Fuel Cell, Hydrogen, and Hybrid Vehicle (FCH2V) GATE Center of Excellence established in 2005 is focused on research, education, industrial collaboration and outreach within automotive technology...

A systems integration philosophy is guiding the FCH2V Center’s education and research activities. The center is using its knowledge and understanding of systems to identify critical research needs and design efficient and effective research and education initiatives. It is integrating the latest thinking on fuel cell and hybrid vehicle systems with hydrogen energy systems modeling. The focus is on training students to approach their work from both micro and macro perspectives — to understand vehicle design at the component as well as systems integration level.

The Center of Excellence is funded by Department of Energy for five years and the center is currently building an industrial partnership to provide opportunity to participate in training the next generation of advanced automotive engineers.


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